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Hey all. I've been lurking around this site for a bit now, and I thought I might as well get to talking. I've been an all around car nut (got the bug from my father) since age ten, and developed an affinity for these gorgeous cars like all teenage boys do. My primary interest now concerns what I am going to do with my myself here in a couple of years when my obligation with the United States Air Force is up, and I'd like to use this forum and all the great info here to maybe parlay what I have into a career with Ferrari.
I spent seven years or so after high school earning a degree in automotive technology and am an ASE Master Tech with a couple of advanced certs as well while working for Toyota (and briefly Lexus) and Honda as a factory tech. After feeling a bit bored with mid priced Japanese imports, I decided to get some aviation experience under my belt. I currently bide my time managing weapons systems on F-16s (which is a handful as their average age is 24 yrs!), and will have an FAA powerplant certification as well as a degree from Embry-Riddle in aviation maintenance by the time I have the opportunity to be a civilian again.
Finally getting to the point, I think I would very much like to make my next career move a stall at a Ferrari dealership, and am primarily looking for any feedback you all may have on that. Based on the not so brief (I know this post is getting winded) description above, is this feasible? Any information on what skill sets / experience repair facilities at the factory level require would be of great interest to me. Also, what income does a good factory Ferrari technician command? Thanks in advance.
Oh, and one other thing; I sure would like to own one of these rolling examples of engineering art sometime, and my military salary makes no provisions for this! :D
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