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I looked at 4 cars this weekend and drove about 750 miles in the process, but I've finally found a good one.

I looked at 2 cars in Blackpool, an early 348TS in Red at £35k GBP and a '94 yellow convertibe (converted from LHD) at £34k GBP.

Neither cars were of the standard I was looking for and I heeded everyone's advice on here to avoid a car converted from LHD to RHD.

I then looked at a covertible blue '94 in Hampshire, first owner Maranello but again it wasn't quite nice enough and at £38k GBP I felt it was over priced.

The car I have decided to go for is a pampered 1994 Medio Blue TS. Its just had a clutch and belt change and really is a pampered car, stored in a dehumidified garage and no expense spared in keeping it nice.

The interior and electrics which always seem to let these cars down are both very good and at £33,500 GBP I feel I have a good deal.

The car is being inspected this week by a specialist to make sure there are no problems that will need immediate attention and I am hoping to be behind the wheel by the end of the week.

I'm grinning like a cheshire cat now :D and will post photos here once I get the car home.

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