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I just redid the entire interior on my '86 328 GTS, including the rear trim panels in the rear glass area, which were done in the same textured tan cloth. Very dirty, virtually impossible to clean! I replaced the lot with black vinyl to match the dash crash pad; took a while but looks very nice and now so much easier to clean!

Not too sure what to do about the roof, but simply spray-dyeing the cloth black looks like a practical option... if you look you'll see that part of the cloth is sewn up prior to fitting to the fiberglass roof panel. Essentially this means that the job should be done by an upholsterer, to look right. However if you choose to do the rear trim panels (8 total, as I did) in black patterened vinyl it shouldn't be that difficult to do the targa roof as well. It would also be possible to do both in a light tan vinly, to match the tan portion of the remainder of the interior. Either way would be an improvement, putting the question of originality aside, of course.

If anyone is interested in what vinyl matches the crash pad, I can give them the name & phone number of the supplier (in SoCal), as well as the name of the vinyl, which costs about $12 per yard.

Also- my 2003 Land Rover Discovery has a near-identical patterned tan cloth on the upper part of the door panels. FYI. They also collect dirt.

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