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Hi folks,

I noticed the talk about me and the 308 on eBay. Thank you for the concern you guys! I really was pretty surprised and flattered by the attention! So, thank you from a very, very humble guy.

OK, on with it now...I have found a very credible buyer for the GTB and will relinquish control of the reigns this Saturday. I did advertise the 308 through eBay and was pleased that I did so; I received approximately 30 queries in all. There were some interesting trade offers as well: land in Florida, Colorado or Michigan...a Harley/Mercedes combo...a '76 Mercedes...a 97 GMC Dually Truck....and a 98 Mercedes ML320. I respectfully declined by stating that I was looking for a 2+2 Ferrari due to "a family expansion plan."

Anyways, I have found a very nice and clean 82 Mondial 8; red/black. It has 28,425 miles and a 30K service just 2500 miles old. Upon receipt, her original owner sent the car back to Ferrari for a re-paint as he was not satisfied with the original job. The car is excellent in my opinion.

I will miss the 308 as she was my first and what I considered to be a very special example. Still, the gentleman assuming "custodial responsiblities" has convinced me that he will do so quite adequately.

I cannot wait long after the 308 departure to regain custodial duties of the Mondial. My digital camera finally arrived so I will post photos asap.

Thank you all for the consideration. I am still happy to be fortunate enough to partake in the experience that is Ferrari.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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