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Grey Market 'Euro' 308's

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I am interested in purchasing a late model 308qv; the question: If a conversion has been done well and all records are in place what are the downsides of a 'Euro' car? Are the parts different, is the maintance schedule different, will a Ferrari dealer work on the car, are there different fuel/oil requirements, etc.? Additionally, is there an accepted discount associated in purchasing a Euro car? Thank you in advance for your response.
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The only down side would be the emissions testing. You might have to jump through some hoops. But, if it already has the proper paperwork you should be good to go. Is it good to go in California? Do you ever plan on moving here? Just ask those kind of questions.

For the most part Euro cars are usually more desirable than U.S. cars. Their lighter and had less emissions equipment on them. That makes them faster. But, they won't hold up as well in an accident. Same maintenance schedule and same parts with the exception of the bumpers, and emissions equipment mentioned earlier. Oh, and the parking and turn signals are different on the euro versions.

As far as a discount, I don't think so. Some would say the extra performance and looks of the euro should bring a higher dollar while some would say the extra hassle you might run into with emissions and decreased safety would drop the price.

Over all condition of the car will and should play more of a role in pricing than if its a euro version or not.
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