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I love this
But the best thing is when you come across a colleague in a patrol car from the Polizia. The officers inside stare at the Ferrari with a mixture of disbelief and amazement, afraid to pull you over for fear of being ridiculed - despite the fact that Alberto still runs the original numberplate which reads ’Polizia 29444’. It’s not really valid anymore, but his is a Police car, remember?
I can just see the look of shock on their face as they see this. I just love it. Great article Dirk.

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There are two more interesting stories overhere!

The Dutch Highway patrol used to drive Porsches: 356 and 911 Targa's in quit large quantities.

There is a 328 GTS with two sets of pedals in the Netherlands. This means except the regular pedals there are also a clutch and a brake fitted at the passangers side. It can and will be used as a driving school car!

What about that???

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