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Sorry I didn't reply to your post earlier.
I do have experience with CV joints from other vehicles, not the Ferrari. The little hole you are refering to is to release excess air pressure so the whole boot doesn't blow out. There is no inner seal. The CV is a self contained unit so you don't have to worry that the transmission is in any danger. Normally I would not expect to see a whole lot of grease expelled from this hole because the CV joint grease is so thick. Your grease may have broken down and the CV's need cleaning and re-greasing. This is what I consider an "advanced" DIY project as it involves dissassabling the CV joint. If you are handy with tools you should be able to do the whole job on a Saturday and drive the car on Sunday. The only parts you should need would be the grease and new clamps for the CV boots (you have to cut the old ones off).
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