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I was touching up a small chip on the L/R 1/4 panel of a red 500 SL I had a couple of years ago. As I touched the paint chip holding the brush in one hand I poured the paint out of the can, that I was holding in my other hand, down over the 1/4 panel. Yipe! I called myself every four letter word that I could think of.
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You and paint products don't mix Magoo :wink:
Of course driving a Jeep offroad and the word "Goof" are synonymous. My biggest goof would be one time when my buddy and I were offroading and we came across an old abandoned Pontiac on the trail. I said "you know, I think I can drive over that car." My buddy said "no way". Well, I made it up to the top of the windshield frame before the Jeep fell off and landed on it's passenger side. After I got my seatbelt off I fell onto my buddy and he said, "I told you so." It took us almost an hour to get the Jeep back on all 4 tires and rolling again. I have never lived that one down.

(If you haven't seen the pic of my Jeep, check out my show-and-tell post in the garage section.)
Tifoso1, You are right. Another goof comes to mind. I was putting a gallon can of paint on the shelf in my garage. The lid was not on tight and it came off pouring paint down over me down my back and over my Ferrari which was behind me, over the RT. door and down into the passenger seat. My wife came out into the garage just before my blood pressure erupted. She brought me back to my senses to back the car out , clean it off and then wash down the garage. What a mess. I bet nobody can top that one. Thank God the paint was interior latex wall paint.

I can't believe your luck (or lack of..) with paint!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: .Please keep the oil base paints away from your baby :ex:
Magoo, you remember when I told you about how I dropped the gas-tank on the hood of my car, when it was out for the engine service... :cry:

I also hit not once, but twice the rear corners of the fenders with the cam shafts, nicking the paint... :cry:

(I touched up the fenders myself, but that hood cost me $700 to fix. Although I must admit, the finish they put on that hood is like a mirror now. Absolutely flawless. I should get them to do my whole car... :) )
Magoo, i'm never trusting you again with a paint bucket.
Luckely your wife calmed you down, or you might not have been here anymore.

Here's a goof of mine.
with my former job i was on my way to a client and there where some roadworks, so i followed the signs, but must have missed one, cuz i came across another work place, so i asked some guys if i could drive thru it (all sand roads) , and they said just keep on following the pad, wich i did, but it seemed that i had missed the path also and followed the wrong path.
So i got stuck in the sand, and called for help. 45 min. later one of my co-workers arrived, trying to pull me out he got stuck too.
So another 2 hours later we finally get rescued by a guy on a tractor who pulled us out.
It seemed that after a while i had to stop following the sand path and drive over a grass field to get back to the road :oops:
I was four years old when my dad bought a brand new '76 911. Beautiful little car and his baby, too. Mysteriously, a long scratch appeared down the driver door. My dad politely asked me about it and wanted to know if I had anything to tell him. I told him, "it must've been a 'magic screwdriver'.." To this day, I don't remember ever doing anything to that car.

Funny, he let me drive the same car for the last couple of months as a senior in high school. I racked up $500 worth of credit card bills for gas. It was worth every penny.


Yeah Peter, Sometimes I think if it weren't for bad luck we wouldn't have any.
Dane, When I was about the same age I used to go into my dads car and get the air guage and use it to let the air out of the tires. My Dad kept taking the car to the gas station to have them fix the leaks. Then the cigar lighter had a green lens on it and when it got hot the lens would glow orange. I liked to see it turn orange. Then I would put the hot end on the plastic dash knobs and watch them smoke. I really am lucky I'm alive.
Magoo, you bad boy, didn't your dad ever found out??
Dane Sander said:
I told him, "it must've been a 'magic screwdriver'.."

Good one Dane :wink: ...Don't you hate those 'magic screwdrivers'???

Ahh, the beauty of four year old intellect and honesty, huh?? I'm telling ya,' I still don't remember doing anything to that car. I think it was keyed or something similar.


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