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Went to Bentley St. Louis on Friday. They had 8 (YES 8!) Continental GT's, an F40, 2 550's, 2 360's, a Vanquish, a 512BB, lots of Arnage's and Azure's, many Maserati's, and they were working on a big old Rolls Royce Drophead. I know nothing of it, except it was of the 1930's era or so.

Then went to the Chicago area. Stopped at Bentley Downers Grove...that place is overrated. Billions of salesman all running was worse than a Ford dealer. Well they had 2 Gallardo's, many Bentley's, no Ferrari's (20 advertised on their website, including an Enzo). Saw another Contintental GT driving further up the street after we left that place.

After that drove down the street to Continental Ferrari. Man that place is great! A few 360 Spiders, a 550, other Ferrari's...and this was just the showroom. Slipped through to the garage...all I can say is :eek: . Incredible. They had a 333sp, a Fiat Dino, a 275, a Maserati 3500GTE (anyone have info on these?), a 360 Challenge, 308's, TR's, another 360 Spider, and did I mention, an ENZO?! After a year without seeing one, I finally see another. It was red/tan. I think this is a rare combo for an Enzo. To think, I would have missed most of this if I didn't meander into the garage. They didn't like us back there, but you gotta do what you gotta do! :green:

Finally went to Bentley Gold Coast. Nice showroom, rude employees. We could not take pictures inside for 'security reasons'. WHATEVER. :roll: But they did have a couple of Murcielago's, and some 360's and 575's inside. Parked outside was a Gallardo, 360 Spider, Continental GT, and Corniche. There was also a courtyard (a seminary parking lot :lol: ) that they used to park the cars when they're closed (it was iron gated, couldn't go into it) but I peeked in and saw some 575's and what have you. I also heard the Gallardo revving it up real good 8) , the 360 Spider, and the Contintal GT, all when they were leaving to park into the courtyard (they were closing) Oh, and they let me sit in the Continental GT. :eek:

Good weekend. :wink:
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