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Not sure how many of you are from my area, but my name is Scot Johnson and I run a online radio station for car enthusiasts. It is in Ontario, May 10th weekend and runs from Toronto to Ottawa. This is a completley legal event and promises to be alot of fun. The cruise will include lots of twisty back roads, but don't worry; they have all been pre-scouted and there will be no pot holes or large bumps, plus if there is they will be mentioned in the detailed pace-notes provided. We will be staying at the Aristocrat in downtown Ottawa where we have a secured section of the underground lot reserved as well will be hiring a third party, reputable security company to monitor the cars for the duration of our visit. Accomidations start @ $99 for suites (plus parking[$10 charged by hotel] and food) and go up from there. You will be provided with a full list of rooms that are available and what our cost will be. Since we plan on having 150 cars we are getting nice discounts from the hotel.
Well, I think I have covered everything. Registration is $30 which is paying for admistration fees and such. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to be kept up to date on changes and announce ments; please email me @ [email protected] Or just post here.
Thanks for your time.

PS: I love your cars and when I grow up I am sure I will have one :D More now I will 'settle' for my German toys ;)
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