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Get on the Ferrari List. There's a guy named Claude that's done a good job of hunting down good cars at low prices. There are also a number of Dealer on the list as well. Very spirited discussions on the cars with no holds bared.

I love the 348 styling. I actually like it better than the 355. But the 355 is a much better car. If you have real concerns you might think about putting off the purchase untill you can get one or a later model 348. I'd mention the 328 but due to your stature it is certainly ruled out.

Chances are due to the age of the car you're looking at most problems have already been addressed. I'd say you'd be better off with a slightly higher mileage car. In other words one that's been driven consistently. The more it's driven the more chance that a problem would occur and get fixed. As long as it's been cared for properly you should be ok. Books and records. That's what you're looking for.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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