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Please help! I am tring to trace the early history of my 355 F1 Berlinetta. I know it was imported into Australia from the Uk in 2001. It is a german delivered car that has been converted to RHD. It may have been damaged prior to shipping to Aus. It has only done 2,900 Kl and had done 2,500 in 2001 (when it arrived in Australia).
I would like to know which dealer sold it and to whom. I would also lioke to find out if the car was serviced in Germany.
It is a red car with black interior and black carpets. It has carbon race seats,drilled disks,challenge grill, red calipers---I suspect it has the Fiorano handling pack. VIN is ZFFXR41B000112327.

Maybe someone knows of the car or maybe you could advise me where to start.
Thank you Bill
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