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I have an 82 308 GTSi. My fuse boxes are getting hot. The plastic over the fuel pump fuse is beginin :question: g to melt. Does some one make a after market fues box with modern fuses and/or where do I get new boxes at a reasonable price.
thank RC
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This a common problem with 308's. I think I saw a fuse box on ebay the other day. I try to look on ebay about once a week to see what is new. I am redecorating my garage with Ferrari items and ebay usually has some interesting stuff.

I just do a search for "Ferrari" then adjust the search for "parts" or "posters" or whatever I am looking for.

You might try They used to sell most every part imaginable for 308's

good luck

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Thanks , RC

We have the fuse boxes in stock for the 308GTSi. Would just need to know if you need the black or white fuse box and if your car is Euro or US spec. You can buy online via: or you can mail me on [email protected]

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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