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Please, no low ballers as am not in a rush or hard-pressed to sell car. If you desire a properly modified car for street and track use, this is perhaps the most capable 308 in the world with stock engine and transmission.

This is a stunning Euro (DOT/EPA papers included) 1985 308 GTS QV as one of the very last to roll off the assembly line in Maranello. The curves and lines of the Euro version plus the lower weight make her the perfect 308 for street and track use. Many longtime Ferrari Chat participants know this car and the painstaking details with little care for costs to make her perform leagues better than she left the Ferrari factory while also being extremely reliable.

Partial list of mods include
Energy Suspension (G-version) bushings
Uprated, lightweight, and balanced brake system
Front brake ducts for cooling if/when needed
Sparco Roadster lightweight seats
Schroth harness (both HANS and ASM for driver)
Electromotive ignition
Improved (Birdman-like) fuse box
Electrical Halon system (hood and driver access)
Electrical shutoff (like SCCA)
Nick Forza lightweight aluminum radiator
Nick Forza lightweight flywheel
Race clutch good for 600 HP
Improved oil baffle system
Rear-mounted adjustable wing package (not in pic)
Nick Forza dampeners (shocks)
Both Nick's and uprated Hyperco springs
Front uprated and adjustable anti-sway (roll) bar
Rear uprated and adjustable anti-sway bar
Virtually all emblems are new as of 2006
Virtually all lighting is new as of 2006
Kinesis Motorsports lightweight/custom 17-inch rims
Mich Pilot PS2 rubber (20% left)
...and much more

Have receipts for virtually everything since the car originally landed in the USA in 1987. Super fine-tooth major service about 15k miles ago and she has been constantly maintained since then. This includes oil analysis from various laboratories to confirm/monitor engine's health.

This amazing 308GTS QV is street legal and rides fine for these New England bumpy streets, while a few turns of the dampers (shocks) and adjusting anti-roll makes her tight for track use. Dampers are height adjustable for proper weight distribution. Not seen in photo is a new, adjustable rear wing/aero package while engine photo is before installation of the adjustable Electromotive system in late 2006. The car is ready for either Supercharger system due to improved cooling, adjustable Electromotive ignition, and race clutch. Buy this car and add a $5k or so Supercharger and you could easily pass 348, 355, and hang with the 360 crowd.

Weight wet with 165 lbs. driver is approximately 2,915 lbs. Have recent dyno sheet by honest dyno system and brake system analysis from ex-Brembo designer who now works/owns Girodisc.

Included in the price is my complete track data analysis via TraqMate system, videos, and log book.

Not Included in price, yet once car is sold will also be selling off a spares package including extra slotted brake rotors for the Girodisc lightweight aluminum hat floating system (front and rear), extra brake pads (Brembo front and stock/enhanced rear), extra set of Kinesis Motorsports 17-inch rims (Mich Pilot Cup, 75% rubber remaining), set of Etoile 16-inch rims, Bosch K-Jet books, custom made manuals, expanded electrical diagram from Ferrari, Serive Bulletin books from ferrari, TraqMate data acquisition system, and many other bits, books, and documentation worth in excess of $10,000.


This is a very serious, professionally maintained and cared for/uprated car. If you are seeking a mint perfect concourse car please look elsewhere. If you are looking for a fast, lightweight, streetable, track-proven, reliable and capable 308 then this is the car for you.

Videos of the car on the track with overlay of data acquisition system are available at

Since i do not check FerrariLife that often, please e-mail your desire to purchase the car to:
steve AT enjoythetrack DOT com with the subject all caps being FERRARI 308GTS BUYER.

Serious inquires only and i will not prove free advice for modifying your car. If you desire a consultant to modify our 308 please feel free to hire my services.

Reason for selling is to further my wheel to wheel racing in an open wheel car.


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LOWERED Price! 1985 Euro 308GTS QV

Hi Everyone,

Lowered price to $38k for very fast sale. Reason for sale is to continue my track car evolution with the open wheel Formula Continental and being finances what they are when it comes to open wheel track cars....

For less than a new Acura, BMW or the like you could own a very well prepared street legal and track ready Ferrari! Details and photos are available at
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