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Found My F355

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I placed my first post on the Forum as a "member" on 3-22-05, entitled "Guidance With F355 Purchase". With the insightful guidance of Enzo250GTO, Boxer, Stradale, and Dr. Bob I immediately set out to find my dream. I have GREAT news: I bought it!! :D

After much research, test-driving, and searching high and low across the country (mostly on the internet), I came across my brilliant yellow 1999 F355 GTB. I went back and forth with much toil between all three models, but I finally settled on the Berlinetta as the model with the least hassles (i.e. leaks and squeeks). I am absolutely blown away by the example that I found. It has only 3,690 miles on it and is in "museum" condition both inside and out. It is simply gorgeous!

As I live in Boston and the car resided in Eugene, OR, I had it towed to Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo in Portland, OR for a PPI. I must say that the crew at Ron Tonkin GT are absolutely phenominal, to put it mildly. Chris, Kelly, and Jaremy have been treating me like a King throughout the process. The PPI went 100% smoothly; however the car had never gone through a major service. I am having Ron Tonkin GT perform the 30K service (belts, seals, and just about everything else!) as we speak. I am also having them install a TUBI for me as well. I also am having them install a trickle-charger on the battery in the event I have to let it sit for more than a few weeks. Lastly, I am having a custom 3M clear bra applied to protect my new baby. I hate road rash!!

I will officially register my vehicle on the site as soon as I receive it within the month. My F355 will be on a truck to Boston during the first week of June and I simply can't wait for it to arrive!! I hope to eventually include some pictures as well.

Thank you all once again for your insights and direction at a critical time for me in the purchase of my first Ferrari.

I hope to someday meet some of you guys on the roads!!
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Boston hey? Well I'm just 2 hours north of you and I know a few Ferrari owners in between! Sounds like a ride? You willing to drive up route 1?
Sounds like a perfect car. I know you'll love it.
pmm said:
I have GREAT news: I bought it!! :D
congrats! 8)
I'm very happy we could help. Enjoy the car and do let us know in one month how the car is!
Really great news. I am glad we were able to help and it is great to see your excitement (it brings back memories of when I got my F355 GTS). Have a great time.
Congrats on a very fine addition, and one with such a low mileage

and i just love yellow 355's
so be sure to post some pics of the new beauty
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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