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To me it all boils down to this...who is comparing what to what the most?
C6 Corvette vs. 360 Modena
Ford GT vs. 360 Modena
Lamborghini Gallardo vs. 360 Modena
and so on.

See the common theme? The 360 is obviouly a benchmark in and of itself and there is a lot to be said for that fact.

I will be the first to say that all of these cars are very nice in their own way, and I would be thrilled at the oppertunity to own any of them. (However I could not fit comfortably in the Gallardo.) Each one is a beast and each one deserves the recognition it gets. But, in the long run...the Ferrari is still the king. Looks + Performance + Heritage = going the distance. Of course all of this is subject to ones own tastes, but this statement is based on my opinion.

On a side note...I may be able to go see a Ford GT in person sometime this week. All depends on my schedule and if it is still there.
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