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NEW OEM Ferrari ZIVAN battery charger/tender
Includes a used OEM main wire harness connector
P/N 200857 (item #18 on picture)

Was an option on Ferrari 360, 456, 550, 575, 612 & Enzo

People will argue a Ctek tender is cheaper & does the same thing

Not so..........................
Since this charger plugs into a dedicated connector of the main wire harness
it inhibits engine start & displays a "charger connected" symbol on the dash

Complete with cords (USA plug) leather storage case & manual

It's truly a charger/tender with an initial 10 amp output down to a trickle

Giving a higher success of reviving a low/dead battery

Not just a low output tender like Ctek

Asking $500 shipped, OBO
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Good price. The case alone is worth $300.
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