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With the 2019 Dino Rally to the Grand Canyon, The Ferrari Owner's Club USA is convinced that it is time to welcome the formation of The Dino Club USA.

Deutsche Ferrari Club member and Dino Compendium author, Matthias Bartz, has grown The Dino Club Germany to 4 digit levels, he has led "Dino exclusive" trips in Europe for 16 years culminating with the 50th Dino anniversary in Modena Italy where over 180 Dinos gathered. In 2019 Matthias Bartz even led the Dino Rally to The Grand Canyon.

Now it is time to recognize that there is much passion for Dinos in the USA with the goal of expanding The Dino Club Germany' history and serial number register, engaging North AmericanDino owners, provide Dino technical interchange, all with the goal of hosting one Dino gathering event each year



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