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Flags and the meanings

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Hello everybody

I am searching for what a flag means in the formule 1.
Has anybody seas a good site about dis issue set it in this Forum.
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what colour of flag are you talking about.
Perhaps we can help you with the meanings of them
Most common flags:

yellow: danger on a part of the track, you are not allowed to overtake.

red: stop immediately, or drive very slowly to the pit, session has stopped.

black: the number of the car with it has done something not within the rules and has o come in, mostly for a stop&go.

black with orange circle: the number of the car with it has some technical problems and has to come in.

yellow with red stripes: oil on the track, slippery surface of the tarmac.

checkered flag: race has come to an end.

blue flag: a faster competitor is behind you, let him pass within three laps.

Can't think of any other.

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I think these are two more
green: caution (yellow) is no longer in effect racing is a go
white: one lap to go before end of race
Yep, US style! In Europe a white flag indicates a slow moving vehicle on the track, mostly the safty car (in combination with the sign SC) or medical car or tow truck. Not often used for racecars, then yellow is prefered.

Thank you all now I know what the flags means and doesn't have to quess in the game GP4.
Yes it is out. It is really nice but I haven't got time to played because I got work to do.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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