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Fire Extinguishers

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Has anyone else mounted a Halon extinguisher? I just bought a 2.5 pound extinguisher and am having a mount fabricated for attachment to the rails of the passenger seat.

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I made a mount out of aluminum plate, which bolts inbetween the seat and frame of the car. It follows the complex contour of the sill and tilted-angle of the seat mount.

I did this, to place the extinguisher beside the seat where there's lots of room, yet, I did not want to drill through the carpet and floor.

I only have a dry-chemical extinguisher (cheap and avaliable). I figure its alot easier to clean up the stuff, than to have the car go up in smoke...
Okay, for some reason, I can't upload the pictures of the extinguisher mount, the site says: "the attachment is too big, max size: 200kb" and each picture is no bigger than 120kb (some way less).

Help, Andrew?

I can always email the pics to you...

P.S. When I said "seat" in the previous post, its in reference to the driver's seat. I want quick access to it.
I simply keep a Halatron extinguisher behind my seat. It cannot move and is easily accessible.
Thank you, Peter and Ed. Fortunately I have a friend who owns a metal fabrication plant who has been kind enough to make a "Charness Harness" for me as referenced on Michael Charness' website.

I'm told by FCA that I'll need a secure mount for my fire extinguisher for track events. I'll be leaving the Halon extinguisher mounted at all times for my 308's sake.

Peter, I think the driver's seat mount you described is also referenced on his website.

[quote='75 308 GT4 (Peter)]Okay, for some reason, I can't upload the pictures of the extinguisher mount, the site says: "the attachment is too big, max size: 200kb" and each picture is no bigger than 120kb (some way less).

Help, Andrew?

I'll take a look at it right away. I had to change it to upload the wallpapers.
Problem of attaching should be fixed. I had it set to 200k and not 200kb. Try it now and let me know if you have any troubles.
I know the Halon extinguishers have been a bit pricey lately. I found a source near me for 2.5 lb Amerex Halon extinguishers for $129.95 which includes the quick release bracket. Their stock is pretty fresh as well. I saw nothing older than 3/02 there. I've seen them as high as $160-180.

I feel as you do, Peter and Ed, that it's a good idea to have one of these in the car at all times.

Anyone interested can e-mail me for further information.

Okay, here it goes:

(The aluminum is 3/16" thick and I painted it matt black)

(Thanks Andrew, it works!)

Your seatside mount is more secure and accessible than the one referenced in the site that I had posted. I'm sure it's nice to have some peace of mind when your out in what for you is truly a labor of love.

Location of Fire extinguisher

Just be sure you don't mount the fire extinguisher in the luggage compartment. If a fire starts it may be too late to get to the extinguisher by the time you open up the engine cover.
You bet Barry. After all that hard work, I'd hate to see anything bad happen to it.

No one looks more stupid, than one standing by the side of the road watching their car go up in flames...

Since I work on repairing tanker trucks, we had once a driver in having his trailer repaired and he told us a story, where he was filling up a gas station, a guy drove up with flames coming out from under the hood of his car. The guy ran out of the car to the truck driver: "Hey man, you got a fire extinguisher?!?".

Well, the truck driver went absolutely livid, he screamed at the guy: "GET THE **** OUTTA HERE, I'M DROPPING 5000L OF GAS HERE, GO, GO, GO!!!!".

True story... Fortunately, the guy had the sense to roll the car out of the gas station and into a parking lot, far away from the tanker truck. Could you imagine if that thing caught fire?...
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