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Finally im an owner!!!

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After many years of dreaming I finally did it. On Sunday I bought myself a Ferrari! 1989 Mondial t to be precise. I saw the car advertised on, and located in Tours, France. I live in England. I flew over on Sunday with my mechanic, we checked out the car, and then drove it back to England on Sunday night.

The car is great, and the body and interior are in excellant condition. I'll post better pics soon, but the ones below are at the airport in Tours (where we were met by the dealer). Some work needs to be done such as cambelts etc, but that was expected. Other things like a bloody dodgy starter motor was not expected! But nothing to worry about.

The car drove sweet, but i didnt really push it. Got to about 110mph. It was the first time i have ever driven a ferrari. In fact it was the first time i have ever been in one driving (believe it or not). Previously had many opportunites but I always promised myself I would wait until the car was mine. Besides my mechanic had checked it out so I knew the car was OK. Also took it slow because I didnt want to tempt the cambelts!

Anyway its almost the weekend, so that means its Ferrari driving time!

BTW the guy in the picture is my mechanic not me! He has 22 years experience of servicing Ferraris. Quite a guy!


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one more pic.

Forgot to say the car is a two owner car with about 25K km on the clock from new. Inside and out the car is mint!


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Great work, the car looks gorgeous. It will bring you a lot of pleasure :D
Fantastic - that looks absolutely gorgeous!

adnaan said:
Anyway its almost the weekend, so that means its Ferrari driving time!
I don't know what part of the UK you live in - but it's certainly not Ferrari driving "weather" here!!
Sorry - forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS too!!!

Bazil said:
I don't know what part of the UK you live in - but it's certainly not Ferrari driving "weather" here!!

Im in London, and it might not be the best of weather, but im gonna be bloody tempted to take it out! I know I shouldnt but its my first weekend.
LOL, the true spirit. I can understand, how can you sit at home with that car waiting for you?
Exactly Bob. I've waited all my life to buy a ferrari. Im not gonna let a little bit of rain stop me from driving it!
Good for you - I'm only up the road but it's horrible here today!! Also - you probably don't have the same amount of salt still on the roads in town as we do here.
No our roads are pretty clear. Thank you god!
Actually - looking out of the window - I might need something with a hull/sail to get home this evening.

My car is definitely not coming out of the garage this weekend!!
CONCRATSS!!! That's just fantastic --> you're living your dream! Just the way it supposed to go! So have lot's of fun!! (and a nice looking Mondial it is!) :)
Wonderful! and it looks like it is in pristine condition. Keep the photos are stories coming. You UK guys should get together for some fun 8)
Thanks guys.

Bazil. The sun is out!
adnaan said:
Bazil. The sun is out!
You're not kidding - there are people frying eggs on the pavement up here in Hertfordshire!!

I may even get home tonight without having to swim!!

Seriously - have a fabulous weekend - hope you enjoy it and that the weather stays like it is now!!
Congratulations man!!!! I thing like you i just gonna drive a Ferrari when it is mine and the car is looking good.Can u post some video or sound for us listen the beast?? hehe
Excellent! That's gotta be quite the feeling knowing that you have yourself a FERRARI(!) sitting in the garage. Perfect color combo too. :wink:
I can attest to the fact that the Modial you bought is in exquisite condition. Often, sports cars with 25,000 miles aren't in the greatest condition. Plus, this particular car is from the 1980s! The glossy paint looks terrific even in the shade. Enjoy the Italian power. That is a great-looking car. Whether it is an Enzo or a Mondial T, the thrill of driving a Ferrari is the same: a truly exhilarating experience for you the driver and onlookers who get to see such a rare car.
yeah she is pretty. enjoy the thrill of driving one of the most recognisable marques in the world!
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