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FINALLY Finished my 456 GTS...

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Well almost...still need to take her back apart to do a pearl clear coat but...thanks the Cavallino Models (they supplied the decals)...she looks much better!
See for yourselves...


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Every time I see one of your pics, I'm slightly closer to building my 348ts!! About another 6 months, I'll actually start!!!

Looks really nice 360.
beautiful 456M Mattel


I did some at scale 1/18, spider and GTS and a burago basis, pretty too, I'll post them on my web site but not at the moment I have many to do.

In france the 456M is very difficult to find, even impossible, I bought one when I saw it but since I never see it again ! :eek:ha:
I did not know how good a 456 looked in white. Very nice detail.
Enzo_Ferrari said:
I did not know how good a 456 looked in white.
not so good
There is a 456 GT white

La Loutre has all pics lol

This one is in France, near of my home ! I never see :'(
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Why you say it doesn't look so good in white? I think it does but would not pick that color. I am just saying it looks better than i thought in white.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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