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Finally a new FX pic

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It took a while but there's finally a new FX pic out, too bad it's a bit at the dark side


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I have always admired the Fx...I guess because of its rareness 8)
and for already having an F1 gearbox and beeing able to blow away other supercars, like the 512M wich it's based on :green:
Very cool pic, the only I've seen on the internet to be honest.
There was an article in 'Forza' not too long ago :)
i got about 10 pics or so
and that article was last year.
I wish they had a 1/18 collection of the sultans cars..... :cry:
There are a few out on 1/43, like the Ferrari's.
BBR has made them
I got the 456 Venice Station Wagon
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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