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You might remember the limited edition Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus which was unveiled a month ago. Despite the current economic woes all 10 cars were sold within 50 minutes.

The special edition of the 2012 Ferrari FF is listed in the annual “Christmas Book” of the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus for a $ 395,000 price tag.

For this extra $95k compared to the regular model, you get exclusivity, since only the ten NM edition cars will be sprayed in “Grigio Caldo,” and each one wears a numbered interior plaque.

Next, there’s a trip to the
Ferrari Winter Driving Experience in Aspen, CO that’s included in the purchase price of the car. You don’t even have to flog your own FF through the Colorado snow; it’s an arrive-and-drive program, using Ferrari’s FFs instead of your own.

Most importantly, you’ll get your new Ferrari FF much sooner than the other buyers, who will be waiting as long as two years for delivery. NM edition cars are scheduled to be delivered in the spring of 2012, which means you get to be the first guy at your country club driving Ferrari’s new shooting brake.

The 2012 Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus Edition joins a long line of “Fantasy Gift” cars from the uber-exclusive retailer.


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