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FerrariForum track [email protected] Challenge, March 19-21200

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OK I have a possible track day for Ferrari Forum members on March 19-21. This will be held at the following:

Infineon Raceway
Highways 121 & 37
Sonoma, CA 95476

This was Sears Point. For now I just want to get a list of people that are possibly interested. Send me a private message or contact me via if your interested and for more information.
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Andrew and I meet up in Tokyo yesterday and I'm going to find out further info from Ferrari SF about the pricing for this event.. Its a real blast ( I did it last year) but there are a number of costs involved..

1) You will need a helmet that meets or exceeds regulation.
2) A correctly fitted fire extinguisher in the passenger footwell
3) A technical inspection by an authorized Ferrari dealer (Approx $100)
4) The fee to go out on the track (Approx $250)

Like all track events your insurance will be invalid while u are on the track (You break it you pay!!!) and be prepared for some paint chips etc, especially at the fender/spoiler and rear wheel arches - Your wheels will kick up a lot of dirt from the track!

More to follow

From Holland, yes that might be a bit far to drive!! :D

Heres an update on the event costs and logistics:

Prices will range from $360 for one day on the track to $575 for both Saturday and Sunday. Technical inspection will run at approx. $400 and is mandatory for an event like this. Another nice event taking place Saturday evening is the unveiling of the new 612 Scaglietti with cocktail reception, if you are signed up for the track time, your fee includes access to this event too as well as to the Ferrari hospitality in the paddock area during the day.

Application forms for this event will be available in the next few weeks, so please let me know if you are interested and I'll make sure you get one.


Dermot 8)
FYI everyone

Ferrari of SF has now mailed out the invitations to this event so if you are on their mailing list you should have a copy in your mail box.

So far it looks like just 4i2fly and myself out on the track.. If anyone else is going then let us know so we can meet up

Dermot :wink:
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