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Collection of Ferrari Models...

Nice collection,
I have a pretty good collection of Ferrari/Maserati models, which I collected from a Ferrari magazine at the time which I was In Italy.
What Brand are your models made by?

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Hello, the most of my models are from Burago, Maisto and Hotwheels (Elite), the 1/20 are from Revival but I have also models from BBR, MG, UT and many others. On my site you can see witch manufactor for each model.


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Today was a very buzzy day at my frontdoor , the post man has brought me 3 models
1. Ferrari F248 1/18
2. Ferrari superamerica from elite 1/18
3. Ferrari 550 2004LM nr 60 from redline 1/43
photo´s will be posted this week ( my english is not so good but i think you can read my reports ;-) )

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This is my list ( the new models are not on this list )
Verzameling miniatuur auto´s

Ferrari Enzo Red BBR
Ferrari F40 LM Red MG Models ( NR 1/50 )
Ferrari 575 JMB racing Red MG models
Ferrari 575GT Red Magic Models
Ferrari 456GT Venice Cabrio Red Modified
Ferrari 456GT Blue Burago
Ferrari 250GT Breadvan Red SMS
Ferrari 250 GTF Red Rosso Models
Ferrari 365 gtb competizione Red Kyosho
Ferrari 365 gtb Daytona Red Kyosho
Ferrari 512BB Red Kyosho
Ferrari 328GTB Red Kyosho
Ferrari 308GTB Red Kyosho
Ferrari 166MM Red Hotwheels
Ferrari 250GTO 84 Red Polistil
Ferrari 250 LeMans Red Burago
Ferrari 250 GT Lusso Red Hotwheels
Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Yellow Eagles race
Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta 61 Silver Jouef Evolution
Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta 61 Yellow universal hobbies
Ferrari 250GTO 62 Red Burago
Ferrari 250 GT California Red Tonka
Ferrari 250 GT California Bordeaux Hotwheels
Ferrari 250GTO 64 Red Jouef evolution
Ferrari Testa Rossa Straman Red Burago modified
Ferrari Testa Rossa 57 Red Burago
Ferrari Testa Rossa 84 Red Burago
Ferrari Testa Rossa 57 Silver Burago ( mille miglia
Ferrari 512 TR Yellow Mira
Ferrari Mythos Red Revell
Ferrari 312T2 Red Twin Crono
Ferrari 126C2 Red Twin Crono
Ferrari 312T2 Prototypo sixwheeler Twin Crono
Ferrari F300 X-wing BBR
Ferrari D50 Red Revival
Ferrari F500 Yellow Revival
Ferrari 246 Dino Red Revival
Ferrari 625 Red Revival
Ferrari 156 Sharknose Red Revival
Alfa Romeo P3 Targa Florio Red Revival
Alfa Romeo P3 Ruote Gemellate Red Revival
Ferrari 312B Red Exoto
Ferrari 641/2 Red Exoto
Ferrari 312T Red Exoto
Ferrari 312 T2 Red Exoto
Ferrari 312T4/T5 Red Exoto
Ferrari F500 Red Tonka
Ferrari Formul 2 Red Schuco
Ferrari F300 testcar fiorani Black PMA
Ferrari F300 eventcar stars PMA
Ferrari F300 eventcar gold PMA
Ferrari F2000 schumacher PMA
Ferrari F2001 schumacher Hotwheels
Ferrari F2002 schumacher Hotwheels
Ferrari F2003 schumacher Hotwheels
Ferrari F2004 Schumacher Hotwheels
Ferrari F2005 schumacher Hotwheels
Ferrari F310 highnose (1996) PMA
Ferrari F310 (1996) Berger PMA
Ferrari F500 Red Tonka
Ferrari F93A PMA
Ferrari F310/B (1997) schumacher PMA
Ferrari Testa rossa Koenigsegg red Fujumi
Ferrari 412T1 (1994) schumacher PMA
Ferrari F2004 Hotwheels
Ferrari 412T2 (1995) Schumacher PMA
Ferrari seven times world champion chrome edition Hotwheels ( limeted 10.000 stuks )
Ferrari six times world champion chrome edition Hotwheels ( limeted 6666 stuks )
Ferrari 512 Filipinetti Red Macadam
Ferrari 330 P4 le mans Red Jouef evolution
Ferrari 312 P Red Shell collectie
Ferrari 328 GTB Red Anson
Ferrari ENZO Red Hotwheels
Ferrari F40 Red Tonka
Ferrari F50 Yellow Maisto
Ferrari F50 spider Red Burago
Ferrari F50 Red Burago ( Essen motorshow lim.ed)
Ferrari 365 GTS Red Hotwheels
Ferrari 365 GTB Red Giodi
Ferrari 275 GTB Red Ertl
Ferrari Dino Red Anson
Ferrari Dino GT racing Red Anson
Ferrari 412 NART White Jouef evolution
Ferrari 330P4 Racing Red Universal Hobbies
Ferrari 612 Scaglieti Red Hotwheels
Ferrari GTO Evoluzione Red Jouef evolution
Ferrari 550 Maranello Red Hotwheels
Ferrari 550 Maranello spider Black Burago modified
Ferrari 550 Barchetta Red Hotwheels
Ferrari 333SP Red Hotwheels
Ferrari 355 Berlinetta Red UT – models
Ferrari 355 spider Red UT – models
Ferrari 360 Modena Red Burago
Ferrari 360 spider Red Hotwheels
Ferrari 360 stradale racing Red Hotwheels ( modified )
Ferrari F430 Red Hotwheels
Ferrari F430 Red Hotwheels
Ferrari 348 spider Black Mira
Ferrari 348 TB Red Burago
Ferrari 348 evolutione Red Burago
Ferrari 348 Ts Red Burago
Ferrari 348 spider Red Mira
Audi R8R le mans Grijs Maisto
Mercedes Benz 500 K Wit Maisto
Mercedes Benz 300SLR Grijs Maisto ( mille miglia ) mag weg
Mercedes benz CLK GTR Grijs Maisto
Mercedes Benz F1 MP4/13 Hakinnen Minichamps mag weg
Mercedes Benz 38K Wit Burago
Mercedes Benz 300SL Rood Burago
Mercedes C111 Grijs Guiloy mag weg
Mercedes CLK DTM Grijs Maisto
Mustang mach 3 Geel Maisto ( opnieuw geschilderd )mag weg
BMW 850I Bordeaux rood Maisto mag weg
BMW 507 Bordeauxrood Guiloy
BMW M3 GTR Estorilblauw Minichamps
Mcclaren F1 Rood Guiloy
Porche 911 carrera Rood Burago
Porche 917 Gulf Lichtblauw Universal Hobbies
Porche 911 GT1 Grijs UT – models
Porche 911 GT1 Le mans Wit Maisto
Porche 911 Boxter Grijs Maisto
Porche 356B Wit Burago
Alfa Romeo GTV Rood Maisto mag weg
Alfetta 1750 Rood-Zwart Polistil Romeo 2300 Wit –Blauw Burago mag weg
Morgan plus8 Groen Polistil
Jaguar XJ220 Blauw Maisto
Jaguar XK180 Groen Maisto mag weg
Lambo Muira Rood Anson
Lambo Gallardo Geel Maisto
Lambo Jota Rood Kyosho
Lambo Murcie Grijs Maisto
Lambo Countach Zwart Burago
Lambo Diablo Rood Tonka
Ford GT40 le mans Lichtblauw Jouef evolution
Ford GT40 Zwart Universal Hobbies
Ford V8 Geel – Rood Solido
Peugeot 406 coupe´ Rood Gate
Peugeot 406 coupe´ Blauw Gate ( cabrio van gemaakt )
Peugeot 206 WRC Wit/racing Solido mag weg
Lotus 72 Zwart Quartzo
Lotus 49 Rood Quartzo
Lotus Elise GT1 Geel/racing Chrono
Corvette 69 Rood Revell
Corvette Rood Burago
Saleen Koperkleurig Hotwheels mag weg
Dodge Viper Blauw ( witte streep) Burago mag weg
Maserati 250F Rood Tonka
VW Beetle Geel Burago mag weg
Aston Martin Vanquish Grijs Beanstalk
Bugatti EB110B Zwart Burago mag weg
Chrysler Raptor Koperkleurig Maisto mag weg
Cobra Shelby Rood Ertl
Shelby Grijs ( rode streep ) Burago mag weg
Honda NSX Grijs Revell mag weg

Schaalmodellen op schaal 1/12

Ferrari Enzo Rood Tamiya
Ferrari F40 Rood Kyosho
Ferrari F50 Rood Tamiya
Ferrari GT0 62 Rood Revell
Ferrari GTO 62 Geel Revell
Ferrari 310/B Rood PMA
Ferrari 312B Rood Protar
Ferrari 126ck Rood Protar
Jaguar XJ220 Blauw Maisto

Schaalmodellen op schaal 1/8

Ferrari F40 Geel Pocher
Ferrari Testa Rossa Rood Pocher

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Hi Ferrariboy 360,
I had a look at the list of car models you have and my gosh you have a Gigantic amount, which is just fantastic!
Anyway, I was just wondering if you can put up some images of some of the models:

Ferrari F40 LM Red MG Models
Ferrari 456 GT Blue Burago
Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona Red Kyosho
Ferrari 250 GT California Bordeaux Hotwheels
Ferrari Mythos Red Revell
Ferrari 156 Sharknose Red Revival
Ferrari 412 NART
Ferrari 333SP Hotwheels

Mercedes Benz CLK GTR
Mclaren F1 Rood Gulloy
Jaguar XJ220 Blauw Maisto
Ford GT40 Le Mans

Images of these would be appreciated

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new models have arrived


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