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Ferrari Testarossa and Ferrari 612 - Gallery (3d)

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Ok since "Enzo250GTO" must be busy or something (waiting for a reply) I will post up the current renders of the Ferrari Testarossa 3d model (its going in a gallery on this website).

I have currently made 5 renders (some with missing badges on the car due to a silly problem. It takes a long time ot render these images so I will have more renders soon enough). I also did alot of work on the Scagletti 612 (how ever u spell it). It still needs alot of work but I'll post a render in abit. Some of u will remember i posted these cars before :) As I am a busy chappy and these cars take a long time to make (highly detailed models) thats why there doesn't seem to be much progress but believe me there is!

Anyhow the renders....

the 612 which has got a major overhaul still needs lots of work tho!

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ooh very sweet
yes i see a lot of changes
namelly an interior :D
Very very impressed. That must take so much work. Thanks! :D
Definitely impressed me! Nice graphical skills.
We have a talented designer in our midst.

Keep it up Simon.
stradale, if u buy me a ferrari or have one to lend me i am sure i could make a 3d model of it for u ;) hehe :green:
I am working on the interior of this car. Making all the parts seperatly. I have done alot of the interior but arn't prepared to show it at this stage. What i will show is the steering wheel so far. I know its not 100% accurate, but i am working from a photo took on at a side angle so it'll take some time before i get it looking right.

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A real labour of love!

BTW, what hardware / software are you running to construct these?
I should have time to do some more work tonight :)

Software: 3d studio max 5 with brazil rendering system.

Hardware: Athlon Xp 2700, Geforce 4400 Titanium, 1024mb DDR, 2 x 22" monitors.
I think you got too much free time on your hands ;)

just kidding, they look great, can't wait to see the finished interiour
Fabulous Simon - really stunning. You must enjoy doing them, as they must take bloody ages to do!!
yea they take a while, heres an update

Most things inside interior are placeholders and all materials are tempory just for the renders for now.
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Interior has a long way to go yet,. I may be modeling the engine to but we'll see :D

I'm not happy withthe front yet, just looked at a photo of the 612 and my front ain't exactly right so gonna work on that very soon.

heres a shot from the front anyhow,

just realised the material where the wing mirror connects to the vehicle is glass instead of the black material it was meant to be. Oh well i'll fix that soon aswell.
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