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Ferrari Testarossa 3d

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IF u remember when i asked for high res pics of ferrari testarossa, for my project, well the project is near enough done. I got a digital camera today and took a pic of the side of my house, put my 3d model into the pic.


Still trying to change tiny bits to make it look more real[/img]
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Looks awesome. I think to make it look a little more real you need to reduce the reflectiveness on the hood of the car. It looks a little too smooth and I'm not sure how much light would be on the car in that parking space. Overall very awesome job.
really great job simon
is that color brown on the TR?

and what digital camera did you get?
nope its black,

i broke that digital camera i got lol!

but i took it back got my money back and put a Polariod Digital Cam, only 2 mega pixel tho but its gotta do

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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