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Ferrari strategy change

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Ferrari has today announced what can only be described as a major change in their strategy.

With current massive over production in the car industry Fiat, Ferrari’s parent organisation, have forced Ferrari to look at their current model line up with a radical eye on the future and future profitability.

Ferrari, with immediate effect, will stop the production of the 612 model range, putting all of the production capacity this frees into running out the existing forward orders of their 360 range. The 360 model range will also be trimmed to include only the 360 Spider and the 360 Challenge Stradale, with all models only being available with Ferrari’s racing derived F1 gearbox.

Production of the 360 replacement, the 420 Monza, has also been announced with first shipments due before the end of 2004. This way Ferrari hopes to pump up the vloumes even more, so more profits can be made.
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A dealer I visited today told me. It is not supposed to leak out etc, but he said that most dealers didn't like it, and that it would break the news soon anyway.
I knew new like this would people make nervous. Now I have to think what to use next year :p
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