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360 Spyder said:
I was at a shopping center and outside of Barnes and Noble (a bookstore) I see this beautiful yellow Boxer! So sweet! I was actually walking on the side walk and heard it before I saw him pull in to the spot right in front of where I was standing. My son, who is four, said "Daddy look! A Ferrari!!" I am soo proud of him! :wink:
And wouldn't you know camera was at home recharging today :(
(I usually keep it in the car for times like that)
Cool Man! I think that's awesome your boy appreciates Ferraris. I guess it is all the ones in the glass case he is not allowed to touch that does it? :green:
I have seen a few Vette's out but nothing else. April showers are here in Maine and I'm going to wait a while before I take my car out. I've actually just been to plain busy to mess with it (never, ever thought I would ever hear myself say that. :oops: )
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