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Ferrari RECALLS 1,950 F430 Spiders

Ferrari is indeed recalling about 1,950 2005-2007 F430 Spiders due to a glitch concerning the hydraulic hoses for the convertible top located inside the engine compartment. While we know it's pretty shocking to see such an exclusive car manufacturer like Ferrari recalling nearly 2,000 models, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) warns that this is extremely dangerous as the heat from the engine may cause “hair-line cracks to form in the hoses” that could result in fluid leakage and, in last instance, to fire.

“The leakage in turn, will cause the convertible top warning light to illuminate and if not remedied, could ultimately leak fluid into the engine compartment causing smoke and a fire, rendering the vehicle inoperable and possibly resulting in a crash,” NHTSA said in a notification posted on its website a few days ago.

Dealerships will install protective heat shields over the hydraulic lines to “insulate them from the heat of the engine compartment,” the notification also reads. Obviously, the service will be performed free of charge, with recalls expected to begin this month.
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