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OK just got back from the Nurburgring.

I'll post some pics later, i'm pulling them off the chips right now, but that might take a while since i took more then a 1000 pics with my chips and even more on other chips, but i while have those in 2 weeks.

OK some quick summary attendance that will make you guys drool:
a LOT of Ferrari's (duh) :green: j/k

25 F40 (of wich 21 where parked besides each other)
7 F50
8 Barchetta (maybe 9, lost count)
12 512M
2 288 GTO
several F1's
an LOT'S more :green:

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Pete, if you happen to be in Germany next year, that's defenitly a go visit event :green: :wink:

Here are some more pics from the Ring

some more attendance:
3 Lusso's
1 500 Superfast
2 250 GT Pinin cabrio
the shell historic challenge (ofcourse)

the event that i visited today was a small Ferrari meeting on Spa Franchorchamps wich had around 50 Ferrari's.
I wil post some of those pics in another thread especially since i have some questions about some cars

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WHY !!!!!!!!!!!

2 288GTO's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 F40's !!!!

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