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Hi all,

last weekend I went to the Ferrari Racing Days at the Nurburgring Germany. As always this is a very well organized event and the amount of Ferraris is overwhelming!

I don't know the exact figure, but I believe it was near a 1.000 Ferraris.

The cars were all sorted by type and colour, so the paddock was like a red sea. The highlight: a parade of all "Limited Editions"with 9 (!) Enzo's, a dozen F40's, 2 288 GTO's and some F50's and 550 Barchetta's.

Pity we were not allowed to view the F430. And there were only a few classic Ferraris.

Yet: everyone who ever has the chance: go see it next time!

To get an impresion:




PS: Dirk, you just HAVE to go there the next time>

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I wanted to go, but I was short in time and did not have transportation and a place to sleep. Maybe next year.
Indeed it's is a huge event every year. I do want to go there, just to see how long it takes to note all those cars ;)

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Dj Dirk said:
marcos said:
wow! I wonder why I didn't go? Next time I'll be there... ...and Bob, on my way I'll pic you up! (No Trains)

that's a good one Marcos

that would make a very nice detour, i hope that you know where bob lives?
Yes, but if I'll offer to pick him up at a trainstation... ...the change he doesn't arrive is to big! :wink:
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