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The sound is due basically to the firing order of the engine. The Viper has a typical American 90deg firing order while Ferrari does it at 180deg. So even if Ferrari does the V10, it will not sound like a typical American engine. Rest assured!!!

I do like to see a V10. I drove the Gallardo and the engine is great. This is the Modena's competition. Ferrari has to respond. And this where the V10 is needed for the Modena replacement.

The market sector for the "Modena" class is very small. How many customers are there for a 100,000 to 120,000 sports car. How many? It is nice to think that Ferrari can produce a V8, a V10 and a V12 model line-up. But the reality is they can't. They'll die. To increase production they have to expand the factory. Ferrari can only make 5,000 cars in V8 and V12. That's the maximum. If they expand then they have to find the market. There is no market!! Because Lambo, Aston Martin and Bentley are in the market now to take away sales from Ferrari. And Mercedes is also getting into the act with their new V8 mid-engine car.

The Scaglietti is already a failure befor it started productio. 3 of my friends who have put deposit on the car has decided to cancel their orders!!!!! I talked to the dealer and he is very downbeat on the prospect of the car. Why CAR magazine described it as the ugliest car in the recent Detroit Motor Show!!.

Ferrari has made a big mistake in the design of the Scaglietti and the money spent on the development fo the car can never be recovered. Then the money they spent on the Maserati 4200 is not making any return on investment. 20 cars were oredered by our delaer and so far he has sold 5, in the last 2 years. The 575M is also not selling.

Ferrari road car is seeing hard times ahead, They have to get the right model in their bread-and-butter "Modena" replacement model.

We are Ferrari fans, we will buy Ferraris no matter what. But most owners of exotic cars are merely car lovers, they will buy any car than tickle their fancy. And sadly these are the very people that Ferrari targets and they will in the end determine if Ferrari cars are attractive enough to buy. Ferrari has to look after their taste while maitaining the interest of us, fans.
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