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I originally found my new mechanic looking for my Tubi Exaughst at (zip 33009) Aside from the 2 Ferrari dealerships in all of S Florida he was the only other authorized dealer. When I arrived at his shop not only was I amazed at how many 360's, 455's and 328's I saw but there was an F40 he just finished tuning as well! Needless to say this guy knew what he was doing, and there were true Ferrari people that knew it, I was now one of them.

After negotiating his rate he had a new customer. A few weeks later I was taking a drive down South beach when my Ferrari (2000 360) simply shut down on me, all went dark, engine off, total shut down. Aside from the obvious freak out which took place shortly after I had it towed home. Murry (My mechanic) sent a flat bed the next morning and I had to wait through an agonizing weekend to find out what happened on Monday. Although I have an extended warrenty I was still losing sleep over what just happened to my red beauty.

Monday afternoon I got the call "Come pick up your car, it's ready."
Just like that? Expecting anything from "you need a new engine" to having to rewire the entire car it was that simple. There was a loose contact to my battery. Thats it! (I was fooling around with my battery a few days earlier) What was my bill? $50 for the tow! Needless to say I paid that with a fat tip to the mechanic who worked on my car.

With honesty and professionalism like that, try to find that anywhere in S Florida! Not to mention a personal service, try to get emergency service from Ferrari! Here is his info,

Murry Bacchus
Bacchus Auto Repair Inc.
3837 Pembroke Road Hollywood, FL 33021
Phone: 954-981-5737
Fax: 954-981-8472

The best mechanincs do not keep a salary and work for ferrari dealerships, they are on their own like Murry.

Thanks for reading,
6 Speed
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