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I have a FERRARI MASERATI SD3 Diagnostic System For Sale.

Package includes:
SD3 Tester;
Serial cable for SD3/SD2 connection to PC (SD3-CBL01) [095970327];
Multimeter cable (SD3-CBL02) [095970328];
Power supply feeder (SD3-CBL05) [095970331];
EOBD SD3 diagnosis cable (SD3-CBL06) [095970332];
Diagnosis cable with SD2 bridle (SD3-CBL07) [095970333];
Connection cable for feeding among SD2 and SD3 bridle (SD3-CBL08) [095970334];
Cigar lighter socket feeder (SD3-CBL09) [095970335];
ISO 1 extension (SD3-CBL10) [095970336];
ISO 2 extension (SD3-CBL11) [095970337];
SD2 B-CAN adapter (SD3-CBL12);
USB cable [095970330];
10/100 Mbps Ethernet cross-over cable [095970329];
SD3 wireless board; SD3 Manual [095970324];
SD3 Quick Reference;
Installation CD-ROM [095970326];
8 metal-point rods for Multimeter.
PC USB/Wireless board

*****Please Email me if you are interested, [email protected]

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Interesting to see this being offered.

I'd think it's hot property that will not stay for sale for long!
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