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Here is the write up on the F430 from the Ferrari owners site:

The F430 hails the arrival of a new generation of Ferrari 8-cylinder engines. The new model takes Ferrari’s extraordinary achievements with aluminium construction technology, which started with the 360 Modena, to a whole new level and offers a series of extremely significant innovations directly derived from the Prancing Horse’s Formula 1 single-seaters.

Two of these innovations are world firsts for production cars: the electronic differential (E-DIFF) initially developed by Ferrari for its F1 single-seaters but now adapted to the needs of a high performance road car, and the steering wheel-mounted commutator switch (better known to the Scuderia’s drivers as the “manettino”) which the driver uses to select the integrated systems governing vehicle dynamics.

The other main characteristics of the new Ferrari F430 are its light, compact 4,300cc 90° V8 engine which punches out 490 hp to achieve a specific horse power of 114 bhp/litre, guaranteeing the new Ferrari berlinetta a weight-to-power ratio of 2.8 kg/hp (dry weight); a braking system with optional carbon-ceramic discs for optimal efficiency even after severe and prolonged braking; a Formula 1-derived gearbox that cuts gear shifting times to 150 milliseconds, allowing the driver to make the very most of a truly high performance car (0-100 km/h acceleration in four seconds flat, a top speed in excess of 315 km/h); and lastly, sophisticated aerodynamics that adopt the very latest racing developments, especially in terms of the flat underbody and big rear diffuser to increase downforce.

Official launch is September 25th at the Paris Motor Show.

Enjoy :lol:


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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