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OK since Niels is to lazy/crazy, oooh well, he's just beeing dutch/himself :p :wink: to start the game again
the smart belgian dude will have to do it again :green:

Rules are quite simple: Try to forecast the points finishes per race and also the man on pole position.

In case two people will have the same number of points after the season, the Monaco GP will be the tiebreaker, followed by the US GP and Monza. Should be enough to make a difference!

Pole position right means 5 points. Rest of the points awarded are the same number of points the driver gets for his position. So, forecasting the top three gives you more points than number 8 (single point)!

No points will be awarded for close rankings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i believe we will have some more contenders this year? :D
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I haven't seen any times yet, but hey, let's be optimistic. Michael Schumacher on Pole. Do I have to post my results for the race now or after the qualification?
before qualification

so here goes my list for the kickoff race of the season

pole: Schumi

1: Schumi
2: Rubens
3: Alonso
4: Button
5: Trulli
6: Webber
7: Ralph
8: Kimi
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I didn't follow any times at all, I have no idea of new drivers etc, so I just copy past the times of the friday :p

01 M.Schumacher
02 Barrichello
03 Trulli
04 Button
05 Alonso
06 R.Schumacher
07 Montoya
08 Coulthard
Dirk and I are even, both one point :p

Maybe we should start this from next race, more people will join then :p
they can always join,we just get a better start then :wink:

besides its just for fun
We don't get any prices?

well, I'm out then... 8)
Dr. Bob said:
We don't get any prices?

well, I'm out then... 8)
you can get a kiss from Niels next time :lol: :roll:
Dr. Bob said:

I'm back again! :D
so that means you want that kiss then, hmmm, how am i going to explain that to Niels that i auctioned him off :green:
Sorry I'm late but you can count me in. And don't worry Bob, if I do win the grand prize Dirk suggests I'll let you go ahead and collect it for me.
M. Schumacher - Pole

1st- M. Schumacher
2nd- K. Raikkonen
3rd- F. Alonso
4th- R. Schumacher
5th- J. Montoya
6th- R. Barrichello
7th- M. Webber
8th- G. Fisichella
M Schumacher pole

1 M. Schumacher
2 K. Räikkönen
3 R. Barrichello
4 R. Schumacher
5 M. Webber
6 JP. Montoya
7 J. Trulli
8 F. Massa
9 F. Alonso
10 D. Coulthard
ok here goes

Pole: Schumi

1: Schumi
2: Kimi
3: Alonso
4: Webber
5: Rubens
6: JPM
7: Ralf
8: DC
Sorry I couldn't post earlier, I was traveling all day yesterday.

Pole: Schumi

1- Schumi
2- Alonzo
3- Rubens
4- Kimi
5- JPM
6- Weber
7- DC
8- Ralf
Wow! We are all getting a late start here for Bahrain. I just realized its tomorrow! Well, here I go:
They've already qualified so it wouldn't be fair to guess Schumi as pole.
1- Schumi
1 M. Schumacher Ferrari
2 J. Button BAR
3 R. Barrichello Ferrari
4 R. Schumacher Williams
5 JP. Montoya Williams
6 T. Sato BAR
7 J. Trulli Renault
8 C. Da Matta Toyota
Dr. Bob said:
Dirk and I are even, both one point :p

Maybe we should start this from next race, more people will join then :p
I was counting up the points and you forgot to forecast the pole in the first race but you did correctly forecast the #1 and #2 positions so you got 18 points. Dirk forecasted the pole and the first 3 finishers so he got 29 points.

So after the second race:
Dirk - 44
Bob - 34
Barchetta - 15
Pete - 15
Sorry, I see you did forecast the pole in a seperate post. So Bob has 39 points. :oops:
oeps only remembered tonight that the race is tomorrow

so herer's a race prediction

1: Schumi
2: JPM
3: Button
4: Rubens
5: Alonso
6: Trulli
7: Ralf
8: Da Matta
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