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Ferrari Enzo spoiler

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Does anyone have a picture of the Ferrari Enzo's spoiler it action? I have never seen it up.
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I got a good look of it. I thoght it opened more than that. Don't you have to be going 60 mph for it to come up?
The Enzo has 2 sets of spoilers. One on the back, and one in the front inside the car. With speeds up to 135 mph/220 km/h the spoiler on the back is completely out, and the front flaps are down. from 135-218 mph/220-350 km/h the spoiler in the back drops back in, and the spoiler in the front comes out.

I guess you don't need any weight on the back when you are travelling at very high speeds, because it wants to lift on the front (hence the spoiler there). When travelling at corering speeds, you want more pressure on the back when cornering, so that is when the spoiler on the back comes out. And when travelling at normal speeds you don't need any spoilers at all, I think like Enzo_Ferrari said under 60 mph.
Thanks a lot for so much info. Most cars spoilers come up when it's over 60 MPH so I just assumed. But you have to be going pretty fast fo those spoilers to work. I think I have seen the front spoiler. Is it right under the front end? Or is it in the front end?
I have a picture where the spoilers are located, but due to copyrights I can't post them. If you drop me a mail at [email protected] I can send it to you.
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