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1/5 Ferrari Enzo

One of the biggest, most exclusive and most expensive scale models ever!
+/- 1m. length, 12 kg weight

Just like the real one made of:

Carbon fiber
Real leather
Aluminum (rims, engine...)
Real tyres
Ferrari paint (rosso corsa)

Limited to 399 pieces. This is number 145. Certified with a stamped paper and certificate on the car itself. 'Belongs to' isn't filled in, so the car is competely new. So fill in your name and it's completely yours...

Built and developed by 40 technicians of Bell sports. Completely hand made, only 40 pieces made in a month...

Official product licensed by Ferrari. Sold in the Galleria Ferrari for 5000 €. Very hard to find, very exclusive.

A real piece for the Ferrari/Enzo enthousiast...

No stupid bids and no fanmail please.

Pics can be found here:

Object is located in Belgium
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