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Ferrari Drivetrains?

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I am interested in knowing how Ferrari's drivetrains work. Actually I would like to know how drivetrains' of any mid engine car works. Anyone have any websites or books to recommend?
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I think they work like any other drovetrain? Engine, gearbox, axels, wheels?
What I mean is I would like to know how the drivetrain's configuration is. For example, I know how a front engine rear wheel drive drivetrain works, but never really saw how a mid engine or rear engine drivetrain works. I am just interested.... not really important to me.
Are you looking for pics? As far as the 308 series (transverse mounted) just take a look at any front engined, front wheel drive car. Same layout.

As far as the Longitudinal engines, Boxer, 288 GTO, F40, 348, 355, F50, 360, 430 those are going to be similar but different. Are these types of transmissions what you're looking for?

Here's one in a Pantera GTS.


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Yeah that's what I am looking for. I mean how is the shifter connected to the transmission? How from the transmission where does the shaft go to connect to the rear differential? Just the whole set up. Never seen any pictures of it and never really had an explanation of it either.

Cavallino magazine had done a nice cutaway of the 348 Gearbox when the car débuted in 1990. I used to have the issue (I had all the issues from 88-93) but I think I tossed them all out. :cry: I'll check my boxes and see if I kept any. They're probably worth a few pennies these days. :roll: It’ll take me a good week to get around to it. If I find it I’ll scan it and then post.

Other than that I'll see what I can find.
Remember those old UK Motor magazines that used to have cutaway drawings of cars done by hand? You'd see all sorts of body, chassis, gearbox, engine, brakes, etc, etc. Ahh, those were the days! :cry:

Sorry, I don't have any refs on this apart from the general descriptions in books (& I haven't pulled a transaxle apart - yet)
Do a search on google for 'cutaway drawing' an click pictures instead of webpages. I did that and several cars and other stuff came up. They were not very clear, but maybe you can find a better link.
Thanks for the replies. I'll search and see what I come up with. I recently found Ferraris interesting. I hope to be an owner of one someday.
That's an amazing transmission! Never heard of such a thing. I have been reading about how manual transmissions work and this transmission seems unique in design. Interesting read... anyone heard of such a gearbox before?
Ok, more on mid-engine tranny setups. Here is the "classic" set up. Pics are from Gunnar Racing ( for their upcoming street version of the 962. Ok, so it's not a Ferrari but it's the site has some of the best pics anywhere. Also I'm still in love with the 962 from my childhood/teenage years. :)


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