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Ferrari dealerships make me depressed.

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Does this happen to anyone else?

You visit a dealership, and it is real happy and fun at the time, then the rest of the day, you are looking back, and thinking about it, and how there were other people, like you, looking at Ferrari's, but, unlike you, looking to buy. Buy the cars you love, and may never have. To own. Own the cars you love, and may never have. They are like you, except, with money. Lots of it.

I know this may offend some here, particularly the owners, but, this is just how I feel, after going to Ferrari dealers. Tomorrow I will probably wish I never posted it, but this is truely how I feel.

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I looked for many years before buying a 550. Other than the Ferrari, I have never had but a 4 cylander sled. I did not have the coin.

My conduct was always the same until I said yes to the salesman.

I look at it this way insperation.

To see the cars in the "flesh" helps to solidify my desire to own one. To own one, I need to work hard for it. Going to the dealership shows me my goal is attainable and helps me to not lose sight of that.

Basically put, keep your chin up bro! It's a goal that can be achieved.
I don't feel that way because I look at Ferrari's in another way than most people here I think. I like Ferrari's, but they are not holy to me. In fact, I start to hate the marque more and more. The reason why I stick with them is because they made a lot of very cool cars, and the whole myth they built. Another thing: I don't dream of owning one. If the time is there, and I will own one, that's fine, but if I do not have the money, too bad. I'd be as happy with another fine, but cheaper car. I think I am a weird guy inside this community, but hey, I'm Dutch.
If you dream of owning one, you shouldn't bash your dreams. That way it will never work. If you really want one, you got to believe in it.
Going to the Ferrari dealer shouldn't make you feel depressed. It should give you ambition. Don't say "I'll probably never own one of these cars", rather you should say "Someday I WILL own one of these cars!"

When I was younger, I saw Magnum PI on television and he was driving a red 308 GTS. I loved that car but for me it was just a dream. It took a while but I finally got one. I still love that car.
Dr. Bob said:
I am a weird guy , but hey, I'm Dutch.
you just took the words straight out of my mouth :lol: :p :wink: :green:
I only get like this when there are other people there, buying their new Ferrari, with a son my age or so, going for a test drive, when you're getting gas in your minivan. It seems to happen everytime.
I think I'm getting into Ferrari too much. I need to back off a bit. It's not good for my health.
You may say you may not be able to afford a Ferrari but if you put your mind to it, yuo can achieve anything. I think like that. :green:
Treat it like going to a motor show. You're there to see, nothing else.
Hi mchferrari,
"Never, Never, Never give up!"

Winston Churchill :)
Matt, just keep a proper perspective.

A new 360, etc is unattainable by MOST people on the planet, so there's no reason to get down about that. At least you are regularly up & close to them, & even sitting in one now & again. That puts you ahead of most of the world's population for starters!

But look at the cheapest used Ferrari on the market. How much would that cost you? I dodn'y know about in the US but here an average GT4 is now cheaper than a regular family car. That's something you CAN aim at, and you will be getting an Italian 3 litre quad-cam V8 to enjoy. :up:

One day not too far away you will be in a position to make a decision : GT4 or Chevy - which are YOU gonna pick? :green:
But for now Matt, don't concentrate on getting the car. Concentrate on getting the skills that will get you the job that will get you the car.

Continue to look at and love the car and use that as your driving force to do well in school. Are you thinking about colleges yet? What career path are you thinking about? You seem like a pretty smart guy, I would think that you can do pretty much anything you put your mind to.
Matt, I agree with both 4kids3fish and Pete04222. Set your objective and then figure out what you need to do to achieve it. There is not much in life which is not achieveable if you have the drive, vision, and ambition to go get it.
"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal"

Henry Ford (1879-1955)
I am planning on going to college. Most likely University of Kansas. Thinking of architecture and/or meteorology as my major(s). I really like weather and I've been fascinated by skyscrapers since I was very young.
I saw and heard my first new Ferrari when I was 16. It was a Series I 4-headlight 330 2+2. I became a Ferrari enthusiast then and always had the idea tucked in the back of my mind that I would eventually own one, but I had other priorities. I am an architect and always have earned well. In my single years after I got out of school I could easily have bought the same 330 2+2 for $5,000.00 that I paid $30,000+ for when I finally bought one at age 53. I guess my point is accomplish what you need to accomplish; your education is most important. There will always be used Ferraris at reasonable prices. You won't get your absolute dream model the first time but if you set your expectations right for your age and income and put your mind to it you could be an owner a lot quicker than you might expect.
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Found out the other day that the 360 I saw going on a test drive is now sold. Hmm, I wonder who bought it...
last year, I missed one number on the damn lottery ticket, otherwise I could be driving a ferrari right now :(
Mick said:
last year, I missed one number on the damn lottery ticket, otherwise I could be driving a ferrari right now :(
So lucky yet unlucky...

Eh, dealers really don't make me depressed. If anything, as others have said, it gives me something to aim and look to. And sometimes you get luck and see something rare at the dealer or service center. And most of the people I've met at the dealerships have been quite nice. On vacations, at least so far they've all given very good restaraunt recommendations. And well, for me just seeing all those cars, even when someone is there looking to purchase just acts as a sort of driving force for me to perform in school. But I see your viewpoint and see how you can take it that way.
mchferrari said:
I am planning on going to college. Most likely University of Kansas. Thinking of architecture and/or meteorology as my major(s). I really like weather and I've been fascinated by skyscrapers since I was very young.
Weather is pretty cool. As a ship's officer I have had to take courses in meteorology. I have some thoughts on this as a career path and I want to pass them on just to give you something to think about. You know how you can't get a job without experience and you can't get experience without a job? Consider a college with a meterology major and sign up for the ROTC program (I'd go Navy). They will help with tuition (they might even pay all of it). In exchange, they will require a 4 year commitment from you post-graduation. Think of this as a guaranteed job. While your college classmates are firing out hundreds of resume's, you already have a job as an officer in the US Navy. As a military weather forcaster you gain the experience to get you a good job after your 4 years. National Weather Service is a good place to go also for steady employment with the civilian part of the US government. With either of these routes, your starting salary will be around $25-28k per year but will rise to over $60k. The idea with either of these paths is to gain enough experience and reputation to reach the end goal - Consultant. Consultants can make well over $100k.

The company I work for has a contract with a weather consulting firm because severe weather can have a major financial impact on offshore drilling operations. We definately want to know what the weather is going to do.

Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts and I wanted to pass them along to give you something to think about.
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