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Hi, I am doing a piece of coursework for my AS Level Business and Economics course titled 'What is responsible for Ferrari's ability to charge premium prices?'
I have made this questionairre up and I would apprecieate it if I could get people to fill it out. It you want to fill it out but do not want your answers on show please feel free to PM me with your answers.
Thanks Richwak

1. Are you Male/Female
2. What age are you?
3. Approximately what is your income?
4. Are you currently employed/unemployed/retired?
5. What profession are you/were you in?
6. Do you own a car?
7. What car/s do you own?
8. What is your favorite brand of car?
9. What is the most you have spent on a car?
10. What is the most you would be willing to pay on a car?
11. What is the most luxurious car you have had?
12. What is the most important for a car to you? Look/Peformance/Price/Saftey
13. Do you know anyone who owns a Ferrari?
14. Do you think that Ferrari's are overpriced?
15. Would you prefer a Ferrari or a Porsche?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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