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Hi guys! Today, I made a start with an album at Webshots of Matsuda's famous Ferrari Brunch 2005 meeting at Gotemba (Japan) and of some street spots in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Kyoto. Please note that this album will be "work in progress", as I want to add many more pictures. But that might take some time, so please be a bit patient :wink:

I already uploaded the most interesting "street spots", and a small number of pictures of the Ferrari Brunch meeting itself, mainly pictures with an "overview". I hope you like them:

As I said, many more pictures will follow in the near future, but please be patient ...

And special to Andrew Naber: thanks for your help prior to my trip to Japan. It was very helpful! And although I didn't see "your" Enzo (you know what I mean), I still saw one Enzo driving on the roads of Tokyo:

:green: :green:


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Hey Edvar
you already told me that you had lots of fun :green:
and man, Japan is just amazing look at the cars they have there
F40 with black rims, F40 with red rims
and what you spot on the street is amazing.

but, euhm, i'm still waiting on some other pics that you took in Japan :wink:

and Yes Bob i do mean other car pics, NOT girl pics, altough that is also always welcome :wink: :green:
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