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Here is a link and some info about it

The footage at The Factory was shot in winter. I don't think I've ever seen a photo or video of The Factory or Maranello with snow on the ground.
  Short interviews with Luca, with the CEO of Ferrari NA and with Dario Benuzzi (chief test driver). A visit to a dealership to get an idea of who buys the cars.
  Some short but tasty shots inside The Factory: assembly line, paint booth, body shop with bare metal shells on stands. Enzo mockup in the wind tunnel. Women sewing leather. Very cool was a shot of the garage where the finished cars await shipping. Probably 30 or 40 360s parked nose to tail and wrapped in the white shrinkwrap used to protect them during shipping.
  Short segment of Dario exercising a 575 around Fiorano. The track was clear but the grass had several inches of snow on the ground - very strange to see.
  Some footage of the yellow Enzo at the LA Auto Show. They were talking to some fans and buyers at the show.
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