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Ferrari Album 3

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Also looking for this book. Any leads?


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i don't know this book??
from who is it and wich editor.

BTW how far away are you from Hasselt, cuz there's a real good car book store there
The Color Market. I happen to be in Lanaken next week, so Hasselt is real close by. Can you give me the adress? Thanks!

It's in the center of the city, so you have to go by foot, Hasselt is a auto free city.
The name of the store is RoadRunner Autoboeken.
and the address should be
Dorpsstraat 38 3500 Hasselt
tel: 011 22 71 39
fax: 089 85 41 82
closed on wensday.

Thanks! I definately have a look there next week!

I haven't been into the store in years, cuz i usually see them on events and buy there then
I have found it. This treat might be removed now ?

Hi Niels

Chaters has Ferrari Album 3 (paperback edition) for £15.

I'm not sure if this is a good price...

Thanks, but I already have one.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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