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Hi everyone,

I’ve been a proud owner of a Ferrari 456 for over 15 years; in 2011 I bought from “Classic Parts Passion” a stock of second hand parts which I thought would be useful for ordinary replacements. Over the years it proved to be a good purchase (I replaced the shock absorbers, brake discs etc).

Having sold my 456 last year I no longer need the remaining stock. All parts were bought on 18/01/2011 (receipt/invoice available).

Prices and photos available upon request; I will also consider a reasonable offer for the whole stock (which would have to be collected by the buyer).


Injection cables left and right side (12 wires : 2 sets of 6)

1 Front anti roll stabilizer bar. Part nr. 174559

1 rear anti roll bar - 169121

Front upper and lower control arms - right side , with all its bolts.

Both side runners (side skirts) 65558800 - 63211711

Steering Column Switch Levers Part# 159411

Steering Rack

Airbag Cable

1 ABS/ASR Cable - Part 177175

Rear left wheel bearing hub. Part# 154668

Steering Box with steering arm

2 spindles Part# 184626

1 oil pump

1 Door lock-unlock reley - part 166851 -

2 Seat belts + Seat belts buckles

Trunk lid lock (springs and brakets) Part# 63143300

1 Window glass guide (new, bought at Eurospares in 2021).

Wiper and indicator stalks 150844

2 trunk struts

2 lambda sensors

1 door fender grill - cover plate for door sill

1 Evaporator

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Large inventory. If maximizing INCOME is the issue, trust me: sell the lot for whatever price to a pro parts company. Listing, bad communications, arguments on viable vs advertised , bad transactions, crappy shipping sce arios will quickly deplete any 'profit'. If this is just a club-like, exchange... limited in time. Many may go to rep dealers regardless of site membership.

But your path. Good luck.
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