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Was watching the Rolex Sports Car race this weekend, race was held at Phoenix.

The Washington Ferrari 360 spun out about six laps to the end. Lost about 3 slots. Looked like a driver error.

The Little Red Car then proceeded to claw its way past the pack, to attack the M3. This went on for a few more laps till the very last and final lap -- at which point the Little Red Car got a good shot, and took it. Hearing that V-8 do its wail was priceless.. I can only imagine the look on the M3 driver's face :eek:. Classic drag race, just yards in front of the finish line. That little 360 had led the race from the start, too. [Edit] This was for the GT class. For a while, it looked like that 360 was going to win the race outright.

I think I'm gonna start watching this series, seems the Washington Ferrari folks have great drivers, great cars, and that little 360 seems to not take "NO" for an answer ;)
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