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Erikdee said:
Hi all, let me start with wishing all of you a very happy Ferrari new year!!

Anyway, while winter is happening here in the Netherlands my F355 Berlinetta is nicely parked in the garage. :)

Nicely, until recently when I discovered that the battery was completely flat! :-?

I bought a small device that you can plug in to your cigarette lighter plug and should charge the battery again. But after a week, the battery is still almost dead and I have to look for another solution.

Going through the manual I found a small picture with a description of a possible connection point on the right side of the engine bay.

This morning I openend it up and I found 3 plugs, no indication whatsover is plus or minus.

Any advice you guys can give me on getting the power back on board again?


I hope you had a wonderful new year as well. My guess is the battery was drained of its power. If you have some jumper cables jump start the car and let it run for 20min and see if that doesn't recharge it. If that doesn't work you'll need to replace the battery. Also check our JRV's tech tip here on Ferrari Forum about storing the car for the winter. One of them it to take the battery out.
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