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Ferrari 328 or 308QV, Need Advice

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This is my first post to the board, and I've done some seaching and picked up some good points. I ready to buy my first Ferrari but need some advise from you on which would be best for me.

First, I'm a long time Porsche driver, and a big fan of the font engine cars. I currently have a 944S2, which I consider the best of the 944 series, but have owned a 928S4, and 944 Turbo. I just never really liked the 911's, but I did also have a Boxster S.

That being said, my price range is anything below 30K or so. The car will be a toy, and will mainly be used for car shows, parades, and the such so cosmetics are the most important thing to me. I'd also like a car with under 50K on it, preferably in the 25-35K range.

I've desided that I'd like to get one of 3 cars. Either a 308 Eurospec car, a 308 QV or a 328. I'd like to know what years these were produced and which was the best year(s) for these cars. My first choice would be an 88 or 89 328 but I think that may be out of my price range. The thing that scares me about the 308 is with 205hp, it's going to be somewhat of a dog. I'd perfer a later model 308, like an 84/85. Also don't the QV's have a little more hp? Any advise you can give me would be great!

Finally, I'd like to buy from a dealer if possible, because I'm going to want to trade my 350Z in on this car and I don't want to go thru the hassle of selling the car privately even though I know I'd make out better. I live in Baltimore so Algar and Washington Ferrari are relatively close for me.

I'm still learning about Ferrari's so if some of my info is wrong, I'm sorry. Thanks in advance for the help!
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Welcome to the site, looks like you have already been given some excellent advice. Best of luck in your search.

The models section here on Ferrari Forum will help show the differences in the different models specs but not much on parts and history. If you are going to get a 308 I highly recommend getting the GTSi QV. It has the most power and was the last model before the 328.

As far as looks go it is personal taste. I agree with Charles's post above, the 308 just looks awesome, even 30 years later. I actually perfer the 308's look s over the 328s.

Finding a dealer that is selling these models shouldn't be too difficult. The last time I was at Ferrari of San Francisco they had a 308 for sale in their showroom. Let us know how the search goes and if we can be of more help.
ferraristyle said:
Also, is it possible to lease an older car like this? Since I won't be modding the car at all, it may be a better option then buying as I'm lucky to keep a car for more then 2 years.

Finally, is there a difference in a GTSi QV vs GTS QV, or are all QV's fuel injected?

Any specific advice on these models?

Man....I feel like a 6 year old the night before christmas.
You could lease the car through a company like Putnam Leasing, maybe the dealer would do it, but that is doubtful.

All QVs are GTSi/GTBi (injected).
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